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Somatic Coaching Cycles

Foto by Ganesha Isis Balunsat

Moon Cycle –
The Foundation


You'll move through an entire cycle with your topic, letting it be felt through and enriched by the qualities of each season.

You'll rediscover the somatic intelligence of your body, which offers you clear guidance that is naturally attuned to your true needs.

One Month Mentorship

Moon Cycle
Foto by Ganesha Isis Balunsat

Full Season –
The Deep Dive


3 Month Mentorship

genuine, liberated, reciprocal eros and the delicious energy of melting together with existence

sticking your tongue out, catching a dream fly by, fully tasting it and allowing it to take shape

rising rooted

Becoming really intimate with the parts of your project that can't help but be vibrant and alive. Full focus on marinating you and your work in your soul's sauce, and creating from this juicy, turned on place in your heart.

Full permission for your magic to show up in it's authentic, unique expression.

Inquiring through your soma, making love with all the steps of the process.

You've been pouring your time, energy and heart into a project for quite a while now. And then you started another one before allowing yourself to become visible with the first one. You keep changing and adjusting your offering, losing touch with yourself more and more


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Foto by Ganesha Isis Balunsat

Sun Cycle
Cultivation & Commitment


12 Month  Group Mentorship

This journey is about coming into liberated relationship with ourselves, our place in the ecosystems of this Earth, with one another, and with life moving through us in a multitude of expressions.

Cultivating a relationship with intense sensations,

Sun Cycle
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