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I Choose To Listen To Love

Aktualisiert: 12. Sept. 2022

Today, and tomorrow my mind adds, I choose to listen to love. Each moment in which the concept of future arrives and dilutes in my still point of awareness, I choose to love.

Today, I get to experience what love knows it loves. The mind comes up with clever questions, yet love has no concept of logic. Love loves. It loves it all, including the mind, including the clever questions. Yet, love doesn‘t mind.

Another breath flows out of my lungs while I am granted the chance to borrow love’s goggles, to peek into love‘s breathtaking way of looking into the world, of looking at people, of curating this vibrant romance that‘s all around.

In this second, with my steadily beating heart, I allow love to move through me, to move me, to shapeshift my being just as love desires to do. I allow love to know better. I allow love to take me. To sway me. To love me. It‘s doing it anyways, always.

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