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Some Days A Whisper

Aktualisiert: 12. Sept. 2022

Some days a whisper, some days a thunderstorm, these transformations are upon us - wether we like it or not. They’re taking place far beyond our cultivated habits of doing and hustling. They’re forming and expressing themselves regardless of us being disciplined enough to do wellness, rest and recharge. They don’t give a shit about your diet, your wardrobe, your economic status.

Those don’t care. They do what they’re meant to be doing, steady and clear.

Confronting. Pointing. Deconstructing. Demanding our presence.

They’re not to be ignored. They’re not to be hidden away from. Not even our most brilliant cultural addiction of numbing can help us to stay separate from this grand rumble. This one isn’t taking place elsewhere - it arises from within.

A sting. A steady vibration. A dis-ease. An ache in the bones.

A rash on the inside of the chest, neurotically itched and scratched without any curiosity regarding its reason to flare up. Popping pills and applying lotions only made it worse, leaving energetic scar tissue around the pumping heart.

Will we listen? Will we become deeply, truthfully curious? Humbled? Excited even? And will we discover, in the process of trying to rid ourselves from our most important messengers, that those aren’t invaders, but might as well contain mysterious answers to our most desperate prayers?

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