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Discernment is one of my most treasured luxuries.

I am deeply grateful for the advanced technology that is my body. I am also deeply grateful for every teacher on my path that encouraged me to prioritize practicing to listen to the language that my body uses.

It’s a remembering.

We all know how to listen to and translate the signals of our fleshy homes - it’s just that for most of us, there was too much noise, and therefore we got distracted. We forgot how natural this way of communicating actually is for us.

The journey of reconnecting and remembering - on my own as well as together with others - is one of my favorite aspects when it comes to being human.

Why is this important to me, especially right now? As long as I stay committed to the ongoing return to deep listening, no external technology and no amount of information will be able to overpower the immense intelligence of my bodies’ ability to attune to its own signals. Being able to discern what feels true and real for me. Being able to discern what feels nourishing, which desires will expand my soul and wellbeing vs. which desires will keep me caught in a loop of addiction and self destruction - that’s an indescribably valuable treasure and currency.

The recent discussions about the threads and dangers that are being assigned to AI made it even clearer why I believe in the power of clear and heart centered discernment. The sheer amount of oftentimes opposing “truths”, the confusion that can live in the ever rising flood of digital input… it feels essential to me to return to deep listening to sources that aren’t just external. From that place, engaging with external information, filtering and processing will be way easier and more fruitful.

I can observe within myself that there are vastly different qualities of wanting something - a job, a person, an action to happen, a food, an experience…

If I am present enough and listen deeply enough, I can discern between the conditioned longings that will deepen (my) disconnect, that will make me lose touch with an embodiment that is an expression of my integrity, and those longings that are here to get me more in touch with the truth that I am deeply embedded in all that there is - no matter what.

I can’t help but follow my impulses when they’re emerging from a foundation of having sensed the validity, significance and power of my organic inner signals. When I am practicing to become more fluid in translating that which my body is telling me, I don’t need to occupy myself with mental gymnastics, I don’t need to get caught in spirals of self doubt, anxiety, and questioning the validity of the signals, needs, desires and boundaries.

Discernment that is coming from a “mind-body-heart-soul-environment”-connection feels intuitive and clear. It feels ancient - because it is.

I trust that.

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