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Letting Liquid Gold Pour

A desire for a luxurious life can be connected with feelings of shame for many of us.

I feel complete shaming the shame. It feels boring.

What is truly alive is a deep curiosity to listen to the message this shame contains. I can sense that beyond the story of the wrongness, the shallowness of material luxuries, of them being unenlightened quick fixes that are said to be responsible for the destruction of our ecosystems, something way more interesting wants to be explored and re-membered.

What if shame is a camouflaged compass needle that is actually pointing towards the exciting fact that we haven‘t dropped deeply enough into the essence of the true longing for luxury?

Into the very tip of the root of this longing.

Into the deepest place within.

I have goosebumps all over my body when I connect to the sense that essential luxuries might be that which no one can bring to you, explain to you, inject into you.

Something that cannot be purchased, produced, or replicated.

What if there isn‘t anything more luxurious than the nectar that springs from the essence of your being, from the well of your soul?

From your Aurum Cordis.

That nectar is unique to each of us.

And it‘s waiting to be tasted.

Drop by drop.

I desire to journey with you to this well inside, witness you as you drink, as your senses explore its nature, its texture, its taste.

I don‘t know of anything more life affirming, medicinal and powerful than you meeting and connecting with your soul’s essence.

This is where I want to go together.

If you feel that it‘s time for you to connect with your Aurum Cordis, send me a message for details.

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